Hardwood flooring

Why you need to shift to solid wood flooring?

Today, more and more consumers are making the shift from carpets into solid floor flooring. Colors and styles of carpet date over time and if you redecorate, the color of the carpet requires being considered before you select which color to splash on the floors. However, with solid wood flooring, this isn’t such a concern as it complements the majority of colors.

Why Choose Solid Wood Floorboards?

Did you know that solid wood floorboards can boost the value of your home? But before that, you need to consider a few things first before laying it in your house.

Type of floor

Newly laid solid wood flooring looks amazing; however, it could become damaged if wet so it might be smart to install a different type of floor, like vinyl flooring in kitchens and bathrooms where spillages happen more often. Further, a basement isn’t a good place to install your flooring as these are normally damper compared to other areas of your house. Once you have prevented such areas, the wood flooring could be laid throughout the rest of your house, offering your house that classic look. The floor will now complement both modern and traditional furnishing leaving you the chance to style your house the way you’ve always wanted.


Wood floors will cost you more compared to laminate floor options. However, hardwood flooring will more than pay for itself in the long run. A lot of people believe that this type of flooring enhances with age and will outlast the homeowner. Moreover, carpeting requires vacuuming and when red wine is spill, then opting to a new carpet is the only solution. If there’s a spillage on your wooden floor, if it’s mop right away, it shouldn’t stain.



Solid wood interiors are the current trend, so now is the ideal time to manage your flooring in time for summer. In case you didn’t know yet, maintenance is no longer a problem as new technology in finishes and stain mean that less more than sweeping is needed. However, if you have pets in your home, you must consider a laminate alternative as dogs and cats can cause scratches. Most of them come with scratch resistant properties.



Health Benefits

 You will find lots of health benefits to installing a hardwood flooring. This type of flooring doesn’t collect dust such as carpets, so family members who experience from allergies could see their symptoms enhance by changing the floorboard. Also, the wood flexes as you walk across it that denotes less stress is put on the bones.

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