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Hardwood flooring, Engineered flooring and parquet flooring are probably the most attractive and desirable floors around the world. You can find hardwood flooring and parquet flooring almost everywhere – private homes, pubs, museums, schools and many more. The beauty and comfort of these floors will not go unnoticed. Perhaps the first and most well know wood floor is the Palace of Versailles or simply the Versailles. The purpose of the Versailles wood floor was to replace marble floors which required constant washing and maintenance to prevent the wooded support boards from rotting under the marble. Whether the Versailles floor was the first wooden floor is still a mystery but one thing is for sure it is the most famous wood floor in the world. It is commonly referred to as the parquet de Versailles. We have performed hundreds of installations of this type of wood floor, and we will admit that this is one of our favorite floors.

Why Choose Wooden Floors?

Benefits and pitfalls of real wood floors

Perhaps there are 100 reasons why you should choose real wood floors but in this article I will try to list the most crucial of them as well as share my wood floor specialist experience.

Its popularity and common use come from the fact that this floor is superior to all other types of flooring such as vinyl, carpet, tile, laminate flooring and many more. Hardwood flooring and parquet flooring are extremely easy to maintain and this is what makes them last forever. You can say that nothing lasts forever. You are right but a wood floor can be restored multiple times while restoration does not have to be done often, and this is what makes them last forever. In addition, the more wooden floors age the more attractive and beautiful they become. With that said this is also the only floor that goes up in value with time. Those are some of the qualities that made wood floors an unrepeatable part of every homes interior design.

Disadvantages of real wood floors

Personally I can think of two disadvantages of wood floors – higher price and difficult, long installation process. Higher upfront investment does pay off in the long run. Additionally I would like to add some clarity regarding proper wood floor installation and step by step instructions on how to avoid costly mistakes. Our advise is based on years of experience installing new wood floors. To reassure you as a customer we offer a 3 year warranty and this is not just an advertisement but a symbol of trust when purchasing our wood and parquet flooring. The installation begins with preparation of the sub floors. Once delivered, the wood flooring is unpackaged and left at the installation site for 24 hours.
The installation is done using glue and preferably nails if the sub floor allows for it. The best wood flooring and parquet flooring installation is done using glueing and nailing. We don’t install wood floors or parquet floors without gluing or nailing unless the client specifically requests that. This type of installation would not be warranted even for a day and we absolutely do not advise that. After the gluing of the floors is complete, we advise to allow enough time before the flooring is sanded and sealed.

Installation of real wood floors

The installation is done using glue and preferably nails if the sub floor allows for it. The best wood flooring and parquet flooring installation is done using glueing and nailing. We don’t install wood floors or parquet floors without gluing or nailing unless the client specifically requests that. This type of installation would not be warranted even for a day and we absolutely do not advise that. After the gluing of the floors is complete, we advise to allow enough time before the flooring is sanded and sealed.

You ask why?

After the placement of your wood floors we leave the floors unfinished for a minimum of two weeks. This is necessary to allow your new wood floors to adjust to the temperature and humidity in your home. When your purchased new wood flooring or parquet flooring it has been stored in different warehouses, factories, and transportation vehicles with drastically different temperature and humidity than your home.

If sanded without allowing enough time for the floors to adjust you risk having a lot of problems in the future. The bad news is that you will experience issues sooner or later. This includes uneven gaps, moving and squeaking wooden parts and even ones deformed from the glueing. This will significantly effect the beauty and life of your flooring. Also lets not forget that all of those issues will need to be fixed adding to the cost, time and efforts.

Solid wood flooring Brazilian Walnut- Ipe
This is why I strongly suggest strictly following the steps and not trying to rush the installation process. After all, this is an investment for generations and not to forget that you have already spent at least a few thousand pounds for wood floors and installation. Is it worth risking to save some time? If you read everything carefully you already know that the answer is no. It is not worth risking.

What kind of wood floors to choose?

I would recommend oak wood floors but it all depends on your personal preference. There are several types of real wood floors: solid wood flooring, parquet flooring and engineered flooring. Play is a white variety of colors, patterns, and characteristics. From my years of experience with wood floors I can easily say that Oak wood flooring is the best of all. This is also the most popular of all wood floors. Oak flooring offers great quality and performs well with climate changes. I personally believe this is the best wood floor in England

Floor installation, sanding, and sealing.

/Properly installed, sanded and sealed wood floors with specialty tools and equipment using high quality glue, wood stainers, oil etc will last many years without any restoration. This is why when buying new wood floors or restoring the existing one you should never compromise on cheap material and installation. Even more so with the company that will be installing or resurfacing your wood floors or restoring your existing flooring. During my years of experience I have seen terrible installation and restoration mistakes. Such mistakes could be very costly and difficult to fix. You should carefully select your flooring company and not make your decision solely based on the price.
Some companies only sell wood floors, while others only install. This could cause warranty issues as one would always blame the other when it comes to fixing issues.

We are your trusted partner

We are here to help you avoid all of the issues mentioned above. Why? Because we have the experience, product knowledge, and all of the equipment to properly install or resurface your floors.
Our promise to you
We will help you select the floor that is right for you. We will sell, deliver, and install your floors with a bumper to bumper 3 year warranty. This sounds great right?
I Dimitar Pachev, owner of Floorsanding-Company will bel personally in charge of your project and will closely monitor each step along the way. No mess no stress.
Wood floors done right

Depending on the wood floors you choose and the type of installation, we will plan and install your wood flooring according to the highest standards. We at Floorsanding-Company can help with any project whether it is herringbone, chevron, panels, planks and even art wooden floors. With us you can choose something different, unique and beautiful. We can offer you wide variety of artistic wooden floors, medallions, borders, and panels. If you have a project in mind do not hesitate to come to us. We will bring it to life.

Next, we will help you to select the right wood floors, help you choose the right materials for your new floors

. The glue that will be used will depend on the type and condition of your sub-floor as well as the wood floors you have chosen. If your sub-floor does not meet the conditions necessary to properly install your wood floors, we will repair, resurface, or rebuild it. Afterwards, we will install your wood floors according to the installation method you chose. Half of the work is already complete. The last step includes floor sanding and sealing the floors

Will there be dust?

After your floors are installed we will begin sanding the wood floors. This seems to be the most concerning step. Would there be a lot of dust? Would the walls get damaged and many more questions.

I assure you that with our company you will receive the best floor sanding service. We will create the least amount of dust and inconvenience for you. We use high quality floor sanding machines that produce the least amount of dust. We use floor sanding machines from Luger and Bona which are the best on the market.

How the boss does it?

 With more than 19 years of experience in wood floors installation and sanding I am proud to be called one of the best in the industry. With my knowledge and equipment I am able to complete more and more successful projects. We believe that each happy client will refer at least one more client and every unhappy client will cost us 10 clients. Our goal is to satisfy even the most particular tastes. Have I made mistakes? Yes of course in the beginning. Have I fixed them? Always.

Our sanding is done using Bona Belt UX or K&T machines that offers high quality sanding with no dust. Dust-Free floor sanding by using a Bona DCS 70: The Bona DCS is a unique powerful dust extractor designed specifically for floor sanding, we attach the hose to Bona Belt or Bona FlexiSand and the DCS collects 99.96% of the dust into the completely sealed unit. We only use the best dust free wood floor sanding machines Bona, Lagler, K&Tand Festool. Depending on the condition of your wood floors I usually start with sand paper 40, sometimes 24 and very rarely 16. 16 is used only when resurfacing floors that in extremely bad condition or if they were painted with wet paint. It is also used to treat corners and hard to reach areas. This is done using a specialty edger Bona XL.

I fully follow the process of changing from rough to fine sanding paper without skipping any steps. When I start with 40, I go through 60, 80, and finish with 100 or 120 fine sanding. For many other companies the process ends here with staining but we continue. Do not make this mistake. After finishing with the belt sanding machine I continue with polishing and using disk sander. The disk sander we use is Bona Buffer. This is an excellent sander. Buffing and polishing your flooring is extremely important to accomplish the perfect look and feel to your wood floors.


Even when using high quality belt sanders, the process leaves the pores of the wood open with fine scratches. These scratches become visible after staining the floors. This will also causes the stain to be absorbed directly into the wood resulting in unnecessary waste. Most importantly this will result in much faster wearing and aging as well as necessary resurfacing. I always buff the scratches using tree different sizes of sand paper starting with 60, then 80 and ending with 100 or 120 to ensure the tree pores are closed before sealing and staining the wood. Sometimes I even use a pad to finish the floors especially before staining wood floors.

Did I choose the color on my floor?

Staining/Coloring, if this is done, samples will be provided using your wood floors. This will help you visualize how the stain will look with your flooring as well us help us avoid questions such as – Why is it so dark? Why is it so light? Did I choose this color? This is done because samples and pictures from distributors are done on different wood floors and may look different on your particular flooring.

Finishing oils and polishes

This is one of the most important components of your wood flooring. This is what protects your new floors. Depending on the foot traffic and use of the room we will choose the best finisher for you.
For example for your bedrooms we use 3 layers Bona Mega or 2 layers Osmo Hardwax oil. For hallways, kitchens, and living rooms we 4 layers Bona Mega or 3 layers Osmo Hardwax oil.

Why not use 5 layers of Sealant?

Is 5 layers too much and is it too expensive? My answer is yes and no. I will explain why. In my experience I have completed even more than 5 layers. This extends the life of the floor with couple more years before sanding is needed again. The is logical that adding more layers will protect your flooring better and save you money, time, and the inconvenience of resurfacing your floors.

I truly hope that the information written above will help people choose the right wooden floors and will help get high quality installation that every wood floor deserves.

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